We are a bunch of passionate guides who think there is no way to introduce Lebanon objectively. How can one be neutral in a country with 18 religious groups sharing 10452 sq. km., a "confessional democracy" as a political system, one of the most complex civil wars in the Middle-East, 7000 years of history and a cuisine that offers around 40 little dishes before the main course?!

IMPOSSIBLE! And boring, don't you think? So we decided to offer immersive tours for travelers, touring with locals, as locals, and trying to combine history, yummy food and fun! And when it gets political outside archaeological sites and museums, we share our point of views in a raw, straightforward and subjective way.

Beside private tours covering all destinations, we will be organizing the only full-day walking tour of Beirut every Sunday starting August 11, feel free to check our events page and join if you can.

More informations about upcoming tours on our facebook page, by email at tours@lebanonbylocals.com or by phone (WhatsApp): +961 (0)3 222 781

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